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Building & Damp-Proofing Contractors
emailed same day”
Please Note: This is a visual inspection and quotation only and not a detailed survey/report.
If following your Mortgage Survey/Valuation, the Mortgage Company has requested or made it a condition of the mortgage, that a Damp & Timber Survey (or other items) be obtained, this quotation will not be adequate.
If this is the case you will require our Full Damp & Timber Survey or Multi-Survey/Report.
*Please note:  Our inspection and reports do not constitute in whole or in any part a Mortgage or Structural Survey. Subject to our findings, it may be necessary to instruct a Structural Engineer to carry out a detailed inspection.
Property Buyer
Free of charge visit & quotation
We have inspected & reported on over 35,000 properties
If you are buying a property and would like us to visit the property in order to provide a quotation for any requested works, we can arrange this for you. The quotation will include itemized pricing and will normally be emailed out the same day as the visit or alternatively posted out the following day.

To arrange a visit, simply supply us with the property details, estate agent details and the required items for quotation and we will make all the necessary arrangements.
 To arrange an appointment please CLICK HERE
As with all our offered surveys/inspections, as a visitor to the property we can only inspect what is accessible to us without disruptive works. Any limitations to the requested inspection items will be detailed in the report/quotation.

We are not able to inspect or report on the following items:
1. Heating/plumbing systems (normally you will require a  registered heating engineer).
2. The electrical installation (normally you will require a NIC EIC Part P electrician).
3. Asbestos (you will require a licensed Asbestos inspection/removal company).
4. Underground/concealed drainage.
5. Decoration works.