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Building & Damp-Proofing Contractors
emailed same day”
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If you are buying a property and would like to arrange an appointment for us to visit the property in order to provide a FREE OF CHARGE quotation for any required works
Please be advised that this is a quotation only and not a detailed survey/report
If you are buying a property and would like a detailed Damp & Timber Survey or your Mortgage Survey/Valuation recommends one, we can arrange an appointment to visit the property
The detailed report will also include itemized pricing for any works found to be necessary
Price: £75.00 (including VAT @ 20%)
If works are found to be necessary and we are contracted to carry them out, the charge would be refunded
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*Please note:  Our inspection and reports do not constitute in whole or in any part a Mortgage or Structural Survey. Subject to our findings, it may be necessary to instruct a Structural Engineer to carry out a detailed inspection.
Property Buyer Survey Options
Free of charge visit & quotation
Damp & Timber Survey/Report (or any other issues highlighted in your survey/valuation)
We have inspected & reported on over 35,000 properties
As with all our offered surveys/inspections, as a visitor to the property we can only inspect what is accessible to us without disruptive works. Any limitations to the requested inspection items will be detailed in the report/quotation.

We are not able to inspect or report on the following items:
1. Heating/plumbing systems (normally you will require a  registered heating engineer).
2. The electrical installation (normally you will require a NIC EIC Part P electrician).
3. Asbestos (you will require a licensed Asbestos inspection/removal company).
4. Underground/concealed drainage.
5. Decoration works.